About Me.

My name is Kendyl and I am a Colorado based filmmaker. Ever since I can remember I have seen the world through a cinematic lens. As a kid I would devour movies, TV shows and music videos. As I got older, I would start to hone in on the little details that would make certain films special to me; and when I finally picked up a camera I felt like I had found my calling!

My first time picking up a camera professionally I was second shooting at a wedding. The photographer I was shooting with was the prolific Diana of Flor De Campo Photography who happened to also be my wife. I cherished being able to share in the bride and grooms' big day and also create alongside my own life partner.

The rest as they say was history! From there I never put the camera down. I’ve shot everything from documentaries to music videos to commercials to D.C. Fashion Week! Now I am widely considered to be a wedding videographer, yet I still love crafting music videos with visionary artists and creating commercials with passionate small business owners. At the end of the day I am a firm believer in stepping outside of my comfort zone and I try to help all of my clients to do the same!

Denver Colorado Commercial Videographer

Fun facts about me:

I am married to the most beautiful and talented photographer in the world and we offer special packages when you book us together.

Music was actually my first love and it is a driving force behind my inspiration for film-making.

I believe one of my greatest strengths is how I take my experience making music and use it when I edit either the flow

of the film or sound design around it to make it “Poetry in Motion”.